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“We make your life biosecure” is our motto at Biopyc. We sell veterinary medications for production animals, are experts in pest control and environmental health and distribute beekeeping products, with a guarantee and on the basis of prevention, to companies and public bodies as well as individuals.

We aim to prevent, protect and improve people’s quality of life and distribute well-known and new products made by named brands that help the work of animal healthcare professionals. We do this by means of quality veterinary medications that respect animal welfare and are safe for users and the environment.

All of our services aim to create secure and healthy spaces, and distribute products for animal health and wellbeing. We always strive to offer a top quality service.

Biopyc was founded in 1995, and ever since then we, the many professionals working here, have been giving our best to provide value to our clients, with the highest guarantee of quality.
People are our company’s most important asset. Each individual carries out their profession seamlessly and with an outstanding ability to contribute something unique. That is why each and every person counts at Biopyc.
The meaning of the word “biosecurity” can be defined according to its two components: “bio” that means life and “security” that refers to the state of being secure.


Pest control (rodent control, disinsectisation, disinfection)

Control of Legionella.

Other specialised services:

  • Tests
  • Water treatments
  • Bird control

Indoor environmental quality.


Pharmaceuticals (MSD, Ceva, Santamix)

Biosecurity and hygiene (Bioplagen) and Biosuper.


Varroa treatment (Check-mite, Baivarol, Ecoxal).

Nutritional supplements (Apivitamol, Hive Alive, ApiGo, ApiHerb).


Waste management.

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