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We provide our clients with the best veterinary products for animal health and the best service.

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Now, more than ever before, beyond having a competitive product, the aim is to ensure that users remain satisfied.

We believe that our prosperity is directly proportional to how well we serve our clients, starting with the employees who offer their personal input.


At Biopyc we focus on the quality of the product, service and processes.

We believe that the planned and systematic management of the set of quality actions are necessary for providing the appropriate level of trust and fulfilling the requirements of our employees, clients and suppliers.


At Biopyc, price is a very important element within our marketing mix strategy, alongside the product, distribution and communication.

Making a sale is important but gaining the loyalty of buyers is of utmost importance. That is why we offer our clients the best options.


Productos Farmacológicos


We are MSD Animal Health, Santamix and Ceva Salud Animal distributors. These are three of the companies that have grown the most in recent years, whose experience, experts and research and development teams are completely and entirely geared towards fulfilling, amongst others, the specific demands of the porcine, beef, ovine and poultry farming sector.

We offer the widest range of pharmaceutical products and the best solutions for current as well as new diseases that also improve animal health and productivity.


MSD Animal Health is a leading general healthcare company that produces veterinary medications, vaccines, biological treatments and products. Within its sector, it is one of the most important companies in terms of animal vaccines.

Species and products

We provide a wide range of vaccinations and treatments to protect these animals from the most significant pathogens.


Santamix Ibérica belongs to Véto-Pharma, a laboratory founded in 1978 that has a specialised technical service with innovative advisory formulas in areas related to animal health, production and welfare, which enables them to offer protocols for the application of solutions in a customised manner, adapting them to the requirements and features of each production system.

Species and products
Porcine, poultry and ruminants
We have an extensive range of dietary and neutraceutical supplements, medications and cleaning products.
At Biopyc, we provide our clients with a full range of innovative solutions for treatments to combat Varroa, Asian predatory wasps and nutritional supplements.


Ceva Salud Animal is the top ninth animal health company worldwide. Its experience encompasses all facets of animal health, from the design and development of new products to their sale.

Species and products
Poultry farming
At Biopyc, biological products for poultry farming are one of the essential and primary specialities of the company.
We have a whole range of products for controlling reproduction, metabolism, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, vaccines and anti-parasitic products.
Ovine and caprine
We offer innovative products for the reproduction of small ruminants, vaccines to guarantee the health of animals and people and top quality antibiotics.
Bioseguridad e Higiene


Livestock farms must fulfil requirements relating to animal health and hygiene, in order to guarantee the security and quality of their productions to minimise the health risks, improve productivity and obtain products that are healthy and safe for human consumption.


Bioplagen is a company specialising in the agricultural, environmental and food industry hygiene sector, with a wide range of solutions in the field of biosecurity.

Species and products
We distribute products that contain one or several active ingredients for the destruction of the microorganisms present in inanimate objects (bacteria, fungi, virus, spores, algae, protozoa, etc.)
We have a wide range of products that interfere with the physiology of harmful insects to eradicate them.
We are experts in creating hostile environments by using traps and chemical rodenticides, in which rodents cannot find food or hiding places to make their holes, in a bid to restrict their access to the facilities.


Biosuper is a mineral-based powder product that dries the ground ambient air, stops fermentations, cleans the working surroundings of the farmer and the livestock. It definitively neutralises ammonia and adds an insect-repellent effect.

Its use prevents the appearance of several pathologies such as mastitis, respiratory processes, as well as septicaemia and neonatal diarrhoea.

Biosuper is the leading cleaning product on the market and an increasing number of farms are noticing the correlation between use of the product and the quality of production.

Species and products
Poultry farming, ruminants and porcine

Biopyc recommends Biosuper for improving production, reducing stress and increasing the cleanliness of the animals. An additional reason is that it reduces the risk of infections and, as a result, the cost of veterinary treatment.

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