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We are a dynamic company, committed to and specialised in pest control for public bodies, companies and individuals.

We provide a comprehensive response to each of a person’s external physical, chemical and biological factors. Our services are geared towards controlling the hygiene and health of facilities in terms of environmental health, disease prevention and the creation of environments favourable for health.

Why trust in Biopyc?


For a long time now, at our company, the orientation, knowledge and background of the client have played a role in each and every one of the organisation’s decisions. Because of this, we strive every day to find new ways of benefiting from the media available or of improving in order to maintain our clients’ trust.


At Biopyc we have a broad range of experience in pest control for public bodies, agriculture and livestock, the hotel and catering industry, sports and education centres, residents’ associations, fruit and vegetable plants, hospitals, nursing homes, the food industry, sports facilities, logistics and distribution, museums, offices and individuals.

Our team of professional technicians has extensive knowledge, procedures and processes for evaluating hazards and offering treatment tailored to all types of pests.


Security – The dictionary states that this word derives from “secure”: free from all danger, harm or threat. It is trust in things well done. It is the knowledge that everything will work seamlessly and without any problems in the hands of Biopyc professionals.


Control de Plagas

Pest Control

Rodent Control

We provide electric shock treatments, maintenance programmes, and ISO rodent control programmes. We offer treatments in public sewage systems, monitoring according to integrated pest control guidelines and programmes, without the use of chemicals as well as integrated pest control programmes.


We guarantee electric shock disinsectisations to combat crawling insects (cockroaches, ants, etc.), any type of insect and treatment of specific pests, bedbugs, flour beetles, grain weevils, fleas, ticks, etc.


We disinfect changing rooms, swimming pools and sports facilities, laboratories, hospitality industry facilities, health centres, nursing homes, private homes, cooperatives and companies.

Control de Legionela


We offer cleaning, disinfection and maintenance treatments to keep facilities that could potentially proliferate and spread Legionella clean, and we implement customised prevention programmes, according to the regulations in force.

Eliminación de Termitas

Termite elimination

Biopyc, an approved applier, uses the SENTRITECH bait system, with the guarantee of DOW AGRO SCIENCES and SANITRADE.

Otros Servicios Especializados



Sample collection service and delivery of test results for the control of Legionella, according to Royal Decree 865/2003. Quality of water for human consumption Royal Decree 140/2003. Quality of water geared towards animal consumption and/or swimming pools. Control of cleaning and disinfection of surfaces as well as environmental disinfection. And also of ready-made and specific meals on request of the client.

Water treatments

We provide advice on the treatment of water intended for consumption in areas of supply, livestock, the agri-food industry and companies in which water intervenes in the industrial processes, cooling towers, evaporative condensers, spa resorts, swimming pools, ponds and water tanks not geared towards drinking water in accordance with the regulation in force – Royal Decree 140/2003.


Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) is a self-monitoring system that all companies in the food sector have to comply with. The aim of this system is to detect and control the specific hazards of a product or of its production process.

Bird control

Our basic ranges in handling birds are, on the one hand, their capture and control using cages, setting up nets and lures; and, on the other hand, the physical barriers to prevent them settling and nesting, such as wires, barbs, nets, and so on, in addition to anti-proliferative measures geared towards controlling the sources of food and the birth rate of pests.



The Indoor Environmental Service is an important activity within the range of services that Biopyc offers.

Our aim is to protect the health of people, establishments, facilities and buildings to guarantee the health standards defined by UNE standard 171330, securing optimal health conditions in indoor spaces, and those defined by UNE standard 100012 relating to cleaning ventilation and air conditioning systems.

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